I have been travelling a lot …

I have touched so vast and varieties of people and culture that inspire me to share things.

“nok” means bird in Thai and it is my nick name. I don’t know what kind of bird I am. My mom doesn’t tell me 🙂 So, I hope to be one of the nice kinds.


I am a typical oil field trash in mid 50. I have worked around the globe, mostly in unpleasant places and usually remote terrain if my feet can feel ground, if not it will be far away from shore.

I am on the journey to retirement. Doctors say we should have things to focus on or keeping busy after retirement or Alzheimer ! 🙂 So, I found my passion to keep me out of it.

Not to make a living out of the site but just to live and have fun.

I am an ordinary

daddy of 2 extraordinary kids, uhm … not kids anymore but still kids for me. They are my gift from God. They are the way God provides my direction in life or to bless me.

We have shared tear & smile (sometimes they mix), cry & laugh, joyfulness & sadness, mistake & lesson learnt, pain and happiness though time that I raised them up among not-so-understand unfriendly people and society.

You may find our life and the way they have grown me up to be a better person today in more details in (unfortunately, it is in Thai)

Last but not least,

if you find yourself in Thailand either for business or holiday, please feel free to drop me a line at LINE ID recta_sapere or messenger txt me in If my schedule permits I may be able to show your around my places.

Welcome to Thailand …


The Sweet Girl

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