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AGS (Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer) (updated)

Bi center bit, Core bit, Hybrid, Underreamer (updated)

Circulation sub (updated)

Dumb Irons (HWDP, DC, Stab, Bit sub, Float sub, Bend sun, safety Joint, Bits) (updated)

Jar (updated)

LWD (Logging While Drilling) (updated)

MWD (Measurement While Drilling) (updated)

PDM (Positive Displacement Motor) หรือ Mud Motor (updated)

RSS (Rotary Steerable System) (updated)

Turbine (updated)

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ท่อกรุ หรือ Casing (updated)

ก้านเจาะ หรือ Drill pipe (updated)

Bottom hole assembly

A bottom hole assembly (BHA) is a component of a drilling rig. It is the lowest part of the drill string, extending from the bit to the drill pipe. The assembly can consist of drill collars, subs such as stabilizers, reamers, shocks, hole-openers, and the bit sub and bit.

The BHA design is based upon the requirements of having enough weight transfer to the bit (WOB) to be able to drill and achieve a sufficient Rate of Penetration (ROP), giving the Driller or Directional Driller directional control to drill as per the planned trajectory and to also include whatever Logging While Drilling (LWD) / Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools for formation evaluation.

As such BHA design can vary greatly from simple vertical wells with little or now LWD requirements to complex directional wells which must run multi-combo LWD suites.

Prior to running a BHA most oilfield service providers have software to model the BHA behaviour such as the maximum WOB achievable, the directional tendencies & capabilities and even the natural harmonics of the assembly as to avoid vibration brought about by exciting natural frequencies.

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