Job Responsibilities :

a) Loading and unloading of drilling equipment, chemicals, tubulars and general supplies to and from supply vessels; or for the moving of these cargo items about the tender decks as required to support drilling activities.

b) Conduct daily checks of the Cranes;

1) At the commencement of each tour, performance of the daily Crane checks and maintenance, recording reports in the log book provided.
2) During his tour, ensure that competent pre-job meetings, JSA reviews and task communications (including team discussion of control mechanisms) are undertaken properly for all activities under his control and area of responsibility.
3) Operating the cranes as required providing lifting services for transfer of equipment during but not limited to:
• Offloading and back loading supply vessels
• Laying out and preparing tubular for use
• Organizing equipment to and from Rig Floor
• Organizing equipment to and from Sack Store
• Stacking equipment in an orderly manner to ensure good housekeeping
• During rig moves
• Any other miscellaneous lifting required
4) Assisting as instructed in maintenance or repairs to equipment if so directed by the Barge Engineer, which may include but not be limited to:
• Minor maintenance and repairs to cranes
• Minor maintenance and repairs to anchor winches
• Maintenance and repairs to fire fighting equipment
• Bulk system valves and manifolding
• Liquid system valves and manifolding
• Bulk and liquid hoses and piping
• Miscellaneous tender piping

c) During rough weather makes appropriate decisions according to his ability regarding the safe operations of the cranes and consuls with Barge Engineer or OIM if in doubt.

d) Responsibility for the inventory of all equipment necessary in the operation of the crane including slings, chains, ropes etc., keeping the Barge Engineer informed of equipment replacement needs.

e) Responsibility for the color-coding, inspection and maintenance of lifting slings in use, and the discard of unsafe or damaged slings.

f) Responsibility for performing all duties in a safe manner in accordance with Company policies and procedures.

g) Familiarity with all drilling tools and equipment and assisting in checking equipment.

h) Reporting any defects in drilling or lifting equipment immediately so as to enable repairs to be carried out at the first opportunity.

i) Acting as the HLO during flying operations where required.

j) Attending all Safety and Training Courses that are deemed necessary for his job position, which are either a Company or Operator requirement.

k) Performing other activities as directed by the Barge Engineer. Job Qualifications:
• OIM Certificate (Semi-Tenders)
• Stability Course (Tenders)
• Crane Operator (Pedestal-offshore)

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