Technical assistant (Drilling Operation)

Technical Assistant (reporting to Deputy Drilling Operations Manager)

Job interview: Technical assistant (Drilling Operation)


1. 1 Tell me about your history

2. 2 What do you know about the company?

3. 3 Tell me about your previous work, responsibilities, experience

4. 4 What is your weakness and strength Please explain and give as an example? (HR people)

5. 5 Tell me about your leadership skill experience

6. 6 What the different about study in Thailand and UK? Advantages and disadvantages

7. 7 Have you ever had the argument with your co-works? Explain

8. 8 Have you had an experience in solving unexpected problems? Yes, Explain

9. 9 Can you use Microsoft excel? Tell me about your experience and skill? Point yourself 1-10 with this program? Same question with Microsoft PowerPoint.

10. 10 Any questions?

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