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Senior Pumpman Position :

Main Functions:

a)  To assist in creating a safe work environment and a responsible work attitude in the execution of all work programs within his area of responsibility.

b) Monitor and maintain all the equipment in the Pump room, Mud Pit Room and Sack Room, that is associated with mud mixing, mud production and supply of drilling fluids to the well.

Safety Responsibilities:

a)  Leading safety by example for all employees to follow.

b)  Compliance with the Permit to Work program.

c)  Conduct pre-job safety meetings in compliance with the company requirements (which includes use of the 4-Point check / Energy Wheel and JSA tools), ensuring that his team members have participated fully in job safety analysis discussions, have determined the safest method to complete the task and have a full understanding of the work to be performed (especially their individual role).

d)  Report all hazards and positively intervene in all observed unsafe acts.

e)  Ensures the strict use of developed procedures (DataPros) that are in place for the task to be done.

f)   During well control or other emergency situation, assist well control response as directed by the Toolpusher.  When Off Duty, he will report as detailed on the Station Bill.

g)  Undertaking of all drills and duties as determined by Station Bill and Emergency Procedures.

h)  Ensures he is familiar with any delegated responsibilities as detailed in the Operators Emergency Response Plan.

i)   Attend General Safety Meetings.

General Responsibilities and Main Tasks:

Includes, but is not limited to and not in order of priority:

a)  During drilling operations constantly monitors the performance of the Mud Pumps, advising Driller of any problems or necessary maintenance issues.

b)  During drilling operations, constantly monitors the level of Mud in pits and advises the Driller and Mud Loggers before mixing, transferring or conducting any other activities which may cause fluctuations to PVT Monitoring Systems.

c)  Treats and mixes chemicals as directed by the Assistant Driller and Mud Engineer, either personally or with assistance from Assistant Pumpman or Roustabouts.

d)  Performing the preventive maintenance to fluid end components (consistent with the recommended hours) during periods when pumps are not in use.

e)  Performing repairs & preventive maintenance to the pumps, suction and discharge valves of equipment associated with precharge of Main Pumps and Mixing Systems.

f)   Operating the Forklift and keeps chemicals in the sack store organized and stacked safely, ensuring a high standard of housekeeping.

g)  Performing all the cleaning and painting within areas of responsibility.

h)  Assisting on the rig floor, or relief in the derrick during operations such as running casing and tubing, handling BOP’S and at any other time as required by Driller; provided that all due maintenance is performed and no mud treatment is required.

i)   Keeping accurate and current Pump Records in the logbooks provided.

j)   Delegating tasks to his Assistant Pumpman as an element of skills development and ‘on the job’ training, ensuring clear instructions are given and understood, though responsibility is retained by the Senior Pumpman.

k)  Attending all scheduled Safety Meetings and safeguarding the welfare of himself and fellow employees.

l)   Attending all Safety and Training Courses that are deemed necessary for his job position, which are either a Company or Operator requirement.

m) Strictly adhering to the Seadrill HAZCOM program and correct handling of chemicals, with active use of the MSDS program.


  • Diploma or higher in Technical or related file.
  • 2yrs experience in Jnr. Pumpman.
  • Forklift Licence.

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